We stock dozens of components of quality matt black vitreous enamel stove pipe, in 5", 6", 7" and 8" diameters.

Gloss enameled pipe is also available to order, including a range of coloured finishes.

We stock standard roll top chimney pots in three sizes, in both buff and terracotta finishes.

We also sell multi-fuel birdguards (both decorative and with a rain cap), specialist anti-downdraught cowls, clay gas terminals and breather pots.

We stock a number of products to help with the installation, care and maintenance of stoves and flues.

These include high temperature sealant for stove pipe joints, glass cleaners, fire ropes, high temperature stove paints and carbon monoxide alarms.

A number of functional products are available to enhance the day-to-day use of a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

These include stove top fans, stovepipe thermometers, dry glass wipers and moisture meters to check the quality of the wood before burning it.